Wireless communication and signal processing researchers at CoSiNC team are extremely dedicated, enthusiastic, zealous, and eager to harness wireless technologies with all of their merits and benefits to the whole community of the world through the innovations and contributions that are going to influence tremendous fields in the future. Simply, they love what they are doing and believe in the power of applied knowledge that is going to lead, drive, and shape the succeeding wireless technologies. CoSiNC at Medipol University is strongly connected with WCSP group at University of South Florida.

Specific Research Topics at CoSiNC Includes:

  1. 5G and beyond waveform design
  2. Non-orthogonal waveforms, hybrid waveforms, flexible waveforms
  3. Advanced scheduling for future radio access
  4. PHY security
  5. Cross layer security
  6. Interference management through CoMP and ICIC (C-RAN)
  7. Interference modeling, shaping, management, and cancellation
  8. Beamforming and massive MIMO
  9. Millimeter wave communication
  10. NOMA (non-orthogonal multiple access)
  11. Spatial Modulation
  12. Modulation options for OFDM and beyond
  13. Cognitive radio, adaptive radio access technologies
  14. Flying base stations (high altitude platforms)
  15. Signal identification, synchronization, analysis, test, and measurement
  16. URLLC and URLLSC – Ultra reliable, low latency, and secure communications
  17. Machine learning for wireless communications
  18. Sparsity and compressed sensing
  19. Channel, Interference, and Signal modeling and estimation using sparsity and machine learning