Ph.D. APPLICATION FORM                                                POST-DOC APPLICATION FORM

Wireless communication and signal processing researchers at CoSiNC team are extremely dedicated, enthusiastic, zealous, and eager to harness wireless technologies with all of their merits and benefits to the whole community of the world through the innovations and contributions that are going to influence tremendous fields in the future. Simply, they love what they are doing and believe in the power of applied knowledge that is going to lead, drive, and shape the succeeding wireless technologies. CoSiNC at Medipol University is strongly connected with WCSP group at University of South Florida.

Application Criterias for Ph.D. Program

ExamValidation DateRequired Minimum Result
TOEFL iBT / TOEFL iBT Home Edition2 Years72 / 120
YDS / YÖKDİL / E-YDS (For Turkish Applicants Only)5 Years60 / 100
ALES (For Turkish Applicants Only)5 Years75 / 100 (For those who have MSc Degree)
80 / 100 (For those who have BSc Degree)

Required Documents for Application

  • Resume (CV)
  • BSc Certificate
  • BSc Transcript
  • MSc Certificate
  • MSc Transcript
  • TOEFL Result
  • Passport Copy
  • Statement of Purpose
  • 2 Reference Letters (signed)
  • Letter of Application (Will be sent to those who filled the application form)
  • Photo